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No !@#$s Left to Give is a short abstract visual novel about what you feel about having too many or too little !@#$s left to give. Made for the Only One of Any Asset (O2A2) 2022 Visual Novel Jam, so this visual novel features:

  • About 1000 words total!
  • One sprite!
  • One background!
  • One piece of music!
  • One sound effect!

Unrelated to the jam's specifications, this visual novel also features: 

  • Existential dread!
  • Funky text effects and textures!
  • Music by Dan Vallerand!
  • A person having the time of their !@#$ing life.
  • Two routes, but only one ending! Good luck!


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No-!@#$s-Left-To-Give-1.0-pc.zip 65 MB
No-!@#$s-Left-To-Give-1.0-mac.zip 32 MB
No-!@#$s-Left-To-Give-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 38 MB

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Yeah I'm obsessed with the art direction for this, it's soooo good!!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the direction and I really appreciate the kind comment~! :D


ONce again an amazing vn~

I'm absolutely amazed by how it is delivered. The story are very relatable and understandable, derived from daily life chaos. Also the sound are great!~


Thank you so much! I appreciate the videos you've done on my games, and I'm glad you liked this one too! :D


Very much!!! 100% !@#$s!!!